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The Ravenstonedale website was designed by and is maintained by Troutfly Internet with contributions from people within the parish and beyond providing specialist content. It was first launched in 2000 as a millennium website and has since undergone several transformations.

The latest upgrade was in January 2017 when it was re-launched as a mobile-friendly website containing 800 pages and 9,000 pictures and videos.

It is a record of people, places, events and activities within the parish of Ravenstonedale. It also lists places to stay, what to do and what's on. It also describes the surrounding area. The record is incomplete as much goes on and the work of recording it all is much too great. Inevitably many people, events and activities go unrecorded.

Content Contributor
Web Developer Stan Frost, Troutfly Internet
Birds David Cannon, Ravenstonedale
Council Chris Elphick, Sedbergh
Churches Kathy Trimmer, Cold Keld, Fell End
Chris Irwin, Brough
Wendy Hunter, Newbiggin-on-Lune
Flowers Mary Ann Watts-Tobin, Newbiggin-on-Lune
Flowers in St Oswald's Churchyard Helga Frankland, Ravenstonedale
Juliet Frankland, Ravenstonedale
History Archive Frank Chalmers, Ravenstonedale
Kathy's Korner Kathy Trimmer, Cold Keld, Fell End
Open House Sally Canon, Ravenstonedale
Railway Station Jack Kernahan
Red Squirrels Frank Chalmers, Ravenstonedale
Sky at Night Chris Reeves, Ravenstonedale
Christopher Hill, Lymm
What's on Kathy Trimmer, Fell End

The website gives a pictorial record of Ravenstonedale throughout the seasons as well as social history, folklore and other features. The project is not fixed in stone; parishioners and others are free to suggest and/or contribute content.

The website features informal interviews with individuals living in the parish. It represents an attempt to portray the people who are the life blood of the community - those who farm, run the pubs or operate local businesses - those who work hard for a living or enjoy well-earned retirement. The people are interesting and have much to contribute.

This website targets those that purposefully seek out information on the parish. It enables those who pass through the parish to keep in touch. It promotes accommodation available in the parish for those that seek to visit and explains the services available in the parish for those that spend time here - visitors and locals alike. Enjoy the website!

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