Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

Horse Riding near Ravenstonedale

There are several opportunities to enjoy horse riding within easy driving distance of Ravenstonedale. All riding centres in Cumbria offer horse riding activities amidst stunning scenery. No other county can offer a better environment in which to enjoy an unforgettable ride.

Fell End

The Stonetrail Riding Centre ( 2 miles from Ravenstonedale ) offers daily trekking, trail rides and livery services for horses on holiday. Please contact Alison Roper on 015396-23444 or visit their website at stonetrailridingcentre.com

Horse riding at Stonetrail
Horse riding at Stonetrail
Riverside golf course Ravenstonedale


Larkrigg Riding School at Natland, near Kendal, offers riding tuition at all levels and hacking through nearby rolling countryside.


Rookin House Activity Centre, near Penrith, is a picturesque drive over Shap fell. Horse trekking amid beatiful Lakeland scenery is on offer.