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Brasshopper in Australia 2001

Brasshopper travelled to Australia in October 2001 to the wedding of Craig and Anna. He travelled with Philip. Many of Craig's friends went out for the wedding. A video conferencing link was set up between Ravenstonedale and Grafton for those that could not travel.

Brasshopper in Australia 2001

We couldn't link to the church so we organised a reception in Cumbria and linked to the reception in Aus. During the 4 hour link we had lots of laughs and lots of tears. We went through 9 bottles of champagne at our end so we obviously had a great day. For more details of the day click here

Here is Brasshopper at Sydney Opera House and at the Harbour Bridge with Philip and Malcolm.

Brasshopper in Australia 2001

Here is Brasshopper at Ayres Rock.

Brasshopper in Australia 2001 Brasshopper in Australia 2001

Ayres Rock is known to the Aboriginals as 'Ularu '. The term Ayres Rock has only been in use since the early 1920's when it was taken from the Aboriginals. It has now been given back to them with a lease kept on it by the Australian government so that tourists may continue to visit it . To the Aboriginals it is like a church and walking on it is a sacred and special privilege. They prefer that people do not climb it but are not able to stop them. The rock is now becoming more known by its original name 'Ularu'.