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Brasshopper in Canada 2007

In August 2007 Brasshopper went to Canada with Mark Donaldson and family, visitors to Ravenstonedale, who knew about Brasshopper from the website. Their own account of his travels are summarised below.

Brasshopper in Canada 2007

This shot was taken in the wilds of Cloughtons Hall's garden - Cloughton, just as we were about to leave England. Our Uncle and Aunt promised to look after Slettie and the sproggs while Brassy continues his world travel.

Brasshopper in Canada 2007

Brasshopper attended Elizabeth's 13th Birthday Party in Killbear Provincial Park on the shores of Georgian Bay (photos pending). He looked after the campsite while we went swimming and came on a few hikes with us.

Last week Brasshopper visited and went up the CN tower (the day before it became the 2nd highest building in the world). He is going up again on Tuesday or Wednesday and we will get some shots from the top.

We plan to take him canoeing today and to Niagara Falls in the next few weeks - and then we will return him home - he has asked if he could stay for Canadian Thanksgiving - he apparently wants to try pumpkin pie. He says he's having a blast - he has quite a nice perch in the foyer of our top floor, where he can watch everyone come and go.

Best regards,

The Donaldsons