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Now Just a Mouse Click Away

Eden District Council is publicising a new Planning Website so that local people can make and view planning applications online.

In addition to our "online help text' people now have at their finger tips the facility to make an application and review its progress, to comment upon an application and view the decision, all without leaving their home!

All the information you need is accessible at www.eden.gov.uk under the Planning and Development Section. For applicants, you are now able to submit an application electronically through the Planning Portal, including the payment of the fee.

The Planning Portal is a mine of planning related information, from Government Advice though to a volume calculator for use when determining the size of a house extension. Visit www.planningportal.gov.uk to find out more.

For residents who are interested in a particular planning application, you can now find a list of all applications submitted to the Council, and from this can select those that are of interest to you. For each application the planning application forms and submitted drawings, and in most cases all the supporting information, are available to view, and you can then submit your comments to us by email, and monitor the progress of the application.

Reports relating the application, whether determined by our Planning Applications Committee or whether by the delegated route, are available to view. In the case of the Committee, the agenda is available at least five days before the meeting.

You can view a register of all decisions made, view the minutes of any Committee, view a summary of the decision (including the conditions/reasons for refusal) and in some cases obtain a copy of the actual decision notice. In all cases all the information is updated at least weekly, but in the majority of cases this is done on a daily basis.

Our Local Plan is also available at www.eden.gov.uk and has been designed so that it is comprehensive and easy to use. You will be able to find the text and proposals map which are linked so that for any area you can access a list of the relevant designations.