Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

Ravenstonedale Parish Council. Precept information

The Precept is the amount of money which the parish council considers necessary to carry out its plans and duties for the coming year.

A budget is set, usually in November, itemising all the foreseeable expenses for the year commencing the following April.

This sum is then added to the Council Tax and collected by Eden District Council.

The precept for 2005 – 2006 was set as follows:

The amount which the precept will add to the council tax bills for your parish is calculated by dividing the precept figure by the Council Tax base for the parish. This gives you the amount for a Band D property. The amounts for other bands are calculated by multiplying the Band D figure by the appropriate fraction ie:

Band A
6/9   Band C 8/9   Band E
11/9   Band G 15/9
Band B 7/9   Band D 9/9   Band F 13/9   Band H 18/9


If you require a precept of £1,500 and your council tax base is 69.50 the amount added for a Band D property would be £21.58. For a Band A property it would be £14.39 and for a Band H property it would be £43.16.

Council Tax Base for Ravenstonedale : £244.88

Precept set for 2005 – 2006 : £8,500.00

Cost Per Elector per year, £18.34 per week - £0.35.
Cost per D Band Property per year, £34.71 per week - £ 0.67.