Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

Mayday Madness and the Ravenstonedale Yacht Club

Every year, on May Day, circumstances permitting, the Ravenstonedale Yacht Club organises a gala event known locally as May Day Madness. The nature of the hectic programme of events involved in our May Day events involve most people in the parish and a good day is usually guaranteed for all.

Each year the highlight of the event is a race around the village involving themes like rockets, boats and planes etc. Parishioners are invited to construct all manner of vehicles from scraps of wood, plastic, paper and wheel barrows and to steer these vehicles (invariably person-powered) around a set course in the village. This main event is supported by many more activities including traditional Maypole dancing.

Mayday Madness has not been held since 2008. In addition May Day Madness was not held in 2001 due to the prevelance of foot and mouth disease in the region. Mayday Madness was not held in 2007.