Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

Several well-known family names are associated with the long-term history of the parish of Ravenstonedale and it's surroundings. These include Fothergill, Wharton, Ewbank, Hewetson and others. From time to time snippets of information on family trees and other genealogical issues crop up.

This section of our website is where much of this information is reproduced. It is not just about well-known families but also includes contributions from any family name associated with Ravenstonedale. In turn our web site draws emails and letters from people around the world seeking information on aspects of genealogy connected with our parish. Enquiries are cross-referenced here and in the visitors section. It is intended that visitors to the site will contact each other to follow up connections that may be of interest to them. Contributions to this section of our web site can be sent via our contact form.

When visiting this section of the Ravenstonedale website please consider making contact with the 2 local history groups:

Ravenstonedale History Group Website
The Ravenstonedale Parish History Group, which was established in 2010, has an archive which is located at the Ravenstonedale Community and Heritage Centre (formerly the High Chapel) in the centre of the village.

Ravenstonedale Independent History Archive
A searchable database of local history for Ravenstonedale and the surrounding area. This facility is available to you to help research family names, place names, locations and can offer extended help, such as photographing historic places that your family may be connected with. You may have visited this genealogy web page before and left a message, if so did anyone contact you? If they did please let me know, and add the information to the archive. If they didn’t connect with you try again through the FC–R’dale Independent History Archive and I will try to assist you. Frank, Archivist (frankrdale@yahoo.co.uk).

Family Name First Name(s) Contributors and links to information
Adamthwaite William Adamthwaite
James Adamthwaite

Jean Packham
Caroline Morris
Sue Mastel
Atkinson Elizabeth Atkinson Lyn Hampel
Rod Fawcett
Banks Isaac Banks A Banks
Barnfather Joseph Barnfather Jess Pearce
Beck Ann Beck Mel and Lee Thompson
Birtle John Birtle
Anthony Birtle
Mavis Dixon
Janice Birtle
Lynn Wilkinson
Bland William Salkeld Bland
Luke Bland
Ruth Parkin
Neville Bentley
Bousfield Henry Bousfield Robert Bousfield
Robert Bousfield
Susan Turton
Braithwaite Ellen Braithwaite Lyn Moore
Bradberry Jack Bradberry Jeanette Egerton
Brown Edmund Brown Rachel Brown
Brunskill Joshua Brunskil Jan Blackhurst
Campbell Isabella Campbell Robin I Morgan
Capstick Alice Capstick Pam Brierley
Chamberlain Isabella Chamberlain
Richard Chamberlain
Robin I Morgan
Clayton Thomas Clayton Liz arundell
Constantine James Constantine Linda Martin
Cowin Larry Cowin Jean James
Coupland Margaret Coupland John Stubbs
Cumpston   Glenys Marriott
Dargue Sarah Dargue
Thomas Dargue
Denise Russell
Caroline Morris
Dawson John Dawson
Robert Dawson
Mary Gartside
Dent Margaret Dent
Grace Dent
Mary Dent
Thomas Dent
Mel and Lee Thompson
Shirley Lewis
Mary Lillington
Diena Bench
Darren MW
John Edwin Wilson
Eglin Mary Eglin Liz arundell
Ewbank   David Eubanks
Fawcett James Fawcett
Elizabeth Fawcett
Maggy Fawcett
Jimmy Fawcett
Robert Fawcett
Frances Fawcett
Alice Fawcett
Karen Lemasters
Caroline Morris
Lyn Hampel
Rod Fawcett
Lynn Wilkinson
Darren MW
Rod Fawcett
Fothergill Isobell Fothergill
Richard Fothergill
Phoebe Fothergill
Sussanah Fothergill
Sarah Fothergill
Raynold Fothergill
Peggy Skelton
Robert Bousfield
Kathy Trimmer
Julie Brutnell
Francesca Kenyon
Jean Packham
Caroline Morris
Janice Garcia
Ffinch   Susan Robotham
Frankland   Helga Frankland
Joel Gates
Glover Jane Glover Robin I Morgan
Graham Mabel Graham Jane Owen
Grainger George Hunter Grainger Paul Grainger
Ron Handley
Granger Phatuel Granger Paul Grainger
Sue Labordus
Guy John Guy Robin I Morgan
Handley George Handley Paul Russell
Hebblethwaite   Paul Hebblethwaite
Hewetson Mary Hewetson
Thomas Hewetson
Alexander Steven Hewitson
Mary Gartside - nee Dawson
Hewitson George Hewitson
John Hewitson
Alexander Steven Hewitson
Jim Baker
Hind Robert Hind Jan Twentyman
Hudson Beatrice Hudson Lynda Capstick
Hunter Joseph Hunter
Ann Hunter
Mary Hunter
Margaret Hunter
Joshua Wilson Hunter
Martha Hunter
Isabella Hunter
Christine Mosser
Huntindon Margaret Huntindon Keith Woodcock
Jackson Ann Jackson Julie Brutnell
Jeffrey Edward Jeffrey Martin Hockley
Knewstubb   Deirdre Knewstubb
Fred Knewstubb
Debbie Thomas
Lamb Joseph Lamb
Ann Lamb
James Lamb
Beryl Bauld
Law Margaret Law
Joseph Law
Mary Law
Jack Law
Margaret Law
Robin I Morgan
Christopher Sellers
Leach Janet Lawlor Leach Family
Lewis Shirley Lewis Mary Lillington
Longstaff Margaret Longstaff Mary Gartside - nee Dawson
Medcalf   Derrick Remington
Beryl Bauld
Metcalfe Isabel Winn Metcalfe
Isabella Metcalfe
William Metcalfe
Ann Metcalfe
Eleanor Metcalfe
John Metcalfe
Anthony Metcalfe
Julie Brutnell
Beryl Bauld
Beryl Bauld
Beryl Buald
Julian Field
Susan Rogers
Metcalfe Winn Richard Winn
Isabel Winn
William Fothergill Winn
Jill Thistlethwaite
Milner   Val Fermer
Moister Joseph Moister Keith Woodcock
Moss Thomas Moss
Mary Moss
Margaret Greer
The Book House

Margaret Parkin
Mounsey George Mounsey George Mounsey
Murray William Murray
Ann Murray
Lindsay Stephens
Freda Mrray
Murthwaite John Murthwaite Jane Owen
Nichols, Nicholls   Carrie Wissler-Thomas
Parker Hilda Hannah Parker
George Metcalfe Parker
Adele Plummer
Tracy Taylor
Parkin   Ruth Parkin
Parkinson Jane Parkinson Alexander Steven Hewitson
Preston   Martin Natland
Punch John Punch Jeff Pinch
Raine Barbara Raine Rod Fawcett
Remington John Remington
Elsie Remington
Dorethy Remington
Jack Remington
Derrick Remington
Jack and Elsie Remington and Doreen Shaw
Renninson William Renninson Mrs S.Holmes
Roseberry Hannah Roseberry Linda Martin
Stubbs William Stubbs
John Stubbs
John Stubbs
Swinbank Swinbank Alan Swinbank
Thompson Lee Thompson
Mel Thompson
Robert Thompson
Mary Lillington
Mike Starke
Thornborrow   Bill Kusiar
Ward   Anne Berry
Wharton William Wharton
John Wharton
Joshua Wharton
Jeffery Stuart Wharton
Jan Twentyman
Wilson Isaac Wilson
Isabella Wilson
Eric Wilson
Helen Wilson
Janet Wilson
John Edwin Wilson
Andy Wilson
Clarence Wilson
Lyn Sanderson
Christine Mosser
John Edwin Wilson
Andy Wilson
Clarence Wilson

Winn William Metcalfe Winn Julie Brutnell