Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

Caroline Morris

In response to a query from Jean Packham (nee Adamthwaite)

I expect you know that there is an outlying farm in the parish called Adamthwaite and presumably built by the family...don't know when it was built.  Perhaps there was a cottage or so there as well at sometime as on a fairly hasty glance through the Parish Registers (not the earliest ones which I don't have) there were several different people living there who were not Adamthwaites.

Fothergills farmed there for a fair number of years.  There are no Adamthwaite graves in the churchyard list but it may well be that they were buried there but did not have gravestones. It is believed that my great, great, great, great grandmother Agnes Metcalfe married a William Adamthwaite in 1742.  However she had an illegitimate son before she married William and we are descended from that son, a Metcalfe relative of mine gave me some dates of the offspring of this William and Agnes.

They had a daughter Margaret baptised in 1743, they had a son William baptised in 1744 and a daughter Sibella baptised in 1747.  

William Adamthwaite of Adamthwaite was buried in 1756.

Jane daughter of William Adamthwaite buried in in 1781

However just to confuse matters in 1748 a William Adamthwaite married Margaret Whitfield!

In the Parish Registers I have there does not appear to be a record of a James Adamthwaite marrying a Sarah Fothergill in 1789.  However perhaps they were dissenters?

In 1802 William Adamthwaite married Mary Knewstupp by bans.  (Could he be a grandson of William and Agnes?)
In 1803 Ruth daughter of William Adamthwaite of Sprintgill and Mary his wife (late Knewstup) was baptised.
In 1812 George son of William Adamthwait of Coldbeck and Mary his wife (late Knewstup) was baptised.
I may have missed seeing other births.
It may well be that you know this already.  Sorry I can't be of more help.  There are no Adamthwaites living in the parish now.

I would be interested to know if you find out any more of William Adamthwaite surgeon.

Good luck in your researches