Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

Caroline A. Morris


In response to a query from Karen Lemasters

There were at one time lots of Fawcetts living in the parish over a considerable number of years.

I remember in my childhood hearing tell of a Maggy Fawcett who had lived in the village over 100 years ago.  She was a considerable character and I think lived with her brother, Jimmy, in some squalor not far from the Black Swan.  Sadly all the people who would remember these stories of her are dead. I think Jimmy either played the fiddle in church or looked after the boiler...I can't remember which...maybe both!

There is an interesting little book which might be useful to you called "History and Traditions of Ravenstonedale, Westmorland" by the Rev'd W.Nicholls first published in 1877 and reprinted in 1992.  There are still copies of this edition available from the Book House in Ravenstonedale.

Good luck with your researches.