Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

Those wishing to trace their ancestry may be interested in this index of gravestones in grounds of St. Oswald's church, Ravenstonedale. The index was compiled in 1994 by Mrs.C Bunney (1910-1995) of Hwith, Ravenstonedale.

001-212 Airey - Brownrigg
213 - 405 Brunskill - Forrest
406 - 589 Fothergill - Huck
590 - 772 Hunter - Metcalf-Gibson
773 - 925 Middleton - Scarborough
926 - 1088 Shaw - Wood

Notes for those using the index

1 This list draws on a manuscript survey completed in 1994 by Mrs C Bunney (1910-1995) of Hwith, Ravenstonedale.

2 Individual stones can be found in
- six compass-point sections of the graveyard (N: North, NW: North West, S: South, SW: South West, W: West & WEXT: West Extension);
- close by the Church Tower (TWR);
- on the War Memorial (WARM); and
- on windows and memorials in the Church (WNDW & WLLM).

3 Within each section stones are laid out in roughly parallel rows aligned to the main footpaths from the southern and northern entrances to the graveyard: row A is that closest to the pathway. For example, in section N there are five rows A-E, row A running alongside the footpath from the North.

4 Each stone may then be identified within its row by its sequential position. Numbers run from South to North.

5 Where not given on the stone but where other year details have allowed, age at death, year of birth or year of death has been calculated, and is shown in italics: it may be a year out either way. The surname at death of a married woman, or her maiden name, has sometimes had to be guessed from other information on the stone and may not be correct. The abbreviation ref is used in the note where a name on a stone appears to refer to a burial elsewhere. Some inscriptions appear duplicated.

6 Most burials since the survey was completed have been in the section WEXT.

7 The older stones have deteriorated since recordings began in the 1980s and the manuscript records could not always be verified on the ground: many inscriptions are now illegible and some stones could not be found.

8 Copies of this list will be offered to the Cumbria Record Offices at Kendal and Carlisle, Kirkby Stephen Historical Society, Sedbergh & District History Society, to local libraries, the Cumbria Family History Society, and to the Society of Genealogists, London EC1. Mrs Bunney's manuscript working papers may be seen at the Cumbria Record Office, Kendal: they include a full transcript of the text on each stone; notes and sketches on its layout, dimensions and condition; and the original of the large-scale plan of the Churchyard that hangs in the Church vestibule.

9 In 1999-2000 the list was re-arranged in alphabetical order by family name and checked on the ground, elaborated, brought up-to-date (to the end of 1999) and documented, by members of the Parish Council and others.

August 2000