Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Anne Berry - Canada - 2003

By chance we found your wonderful web-site this morning. I was born at Bank House at the top of the village next door to the Greenlees family. It was Martins Bank in those days & I well remember the farmers bringing their dogs into the front hall where they frequently did what dogs should never do in someones house!

My parents were Percy & Maud Ward....Dad died in the 60's but Mum kept going till 1985. She won the best garden award which was a highlight for her! My husband visited R'dale often & between us we identified many of the pics but the village looks so well tended & beautiful now that there are many spots we can't identify. Is there a list of photos by number or some such thing that we can log into to find the answers to our failing memory problems? There are several new buildings that we can't identify at all & so many that look so well kept now that they bear no resemblance to the places as I remember them! We thank you for giving us such an interesting day!
Anne Berry (neeWard)