Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Kathleen Boraas

kboraas [@] hotmail.com

I very much enjoyed looking at your website and was thrilled to find it. I have been looking for information on Ravenstonedale and Kirkby Stephen for a long time and did not know anything much about the places except that they are in northern England. My great-grandparents left the area sometime in the 1890's to establish new lives in British Columbia, Canada, where I was born and still live. It is very interesting to me to get to know more about this part of my heritage. Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures and interesting information. If you could put me in touch with anyone who is interested in writing (or e-Mailing) me as a penpal I would appreciate it. I am fifty years old, have four children (all boys) and two daughters-in-law. I operate a day-care centre in my home and have a Montessori teachers diploma.

Besides working with children my interests include involvement in my church, teaching piano, making scrapbook photo-albums, reading, crocheting and a beginning interest in researching my roots. Anyone in the Ravenstonedale area who would like a penpal may e-mail me at kboraas@hotmail.com and I will forward my complete address if mail is preferred. Thank you so much. Happy new year!