Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From George Mounsey - Derbyshire - 2002


My great great grand father is buried in St. Oswald's church having died in 1948 aged 99 years.I believe that there is some furniture in the church that was made by my grand father.I remember my own father talking about a Bob Dent who if he were alive today would be 100 years old. My father worked on a farm and moved to Derbyshire in the 1930s. I have visited the church which is very peaceful.

George Mounsey - Derbyshire - 2002

Firstly could I say what a good web site your group have created.I did not expect to see much when I typed in Ravenstonedale. I live in Breaston a small village in Derbyshire.I believe the 'Mounsey' name is quite common in the Cumbria area.I recall that my father said that he would go to Kirby Stephen to be hired out to local farms.I believe his father made the coffins.They had a post office as well but I am unsure if it was in Ravenstonedale or Newbiggin.