Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Sue Labordus - Sydney, Australia - 2009

suelabordus [at] idx.com.au

I was most interested to see the query made by Paul Grainger about Phatuel Granger who moved to Garshill, Ravenstonedale after WWI. Phatuel Granger was my late mother's, Phyllis Granger's stepfather. He was married to my grandmother, Ada Maud and had three further children, Phatuel, born about 1922, Michael, and Patricia (deceased) born 1929. Phatuel Snr. was a captain on a cable-laying ship for Cable & Wireless during the 1920's and in WWII was a colonel. He died in about 1952.  I was in Ravenstonedale for a visit in July to see the house where my mother spent her childhood - Garshill - and this was what spurred on my interest.