Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Lyn Schwartz - Michigan - 2001


I would like to agree that Ravenstonedale is one of the greatest little towns in the world. I am from Michigan in the U.S.A. but have strong connections to Ravenstonedale with a pen friend who lives there.

I have visited this little village about four times, and have met many of it residents. Everyone has been most friendly. I have even made friends with a dog who lives at the top of the village and who loves to fetch stones.

A walk up the village along the Scandal beck, stopping to say Hi to Peter, a lovely Golden Retriever, past the two hotels, leaning over the gate in the church yard, a stroll along the road at the top of the village to watch the horses, then back along the back road to enjoy the vegetable gardens, a quick stop at the art gallery then a visit to the Book House at Grey Garth to pick up a good used book.

No shops, no banks, nothing commercial to ruin the joy of being in one of the most peaceful places on earth. Always a wave from a window, an invite to tea, or a chat over the gate. Lovely just! Thank you for the web page and all the photos that take me there.