Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Caroline A Morris (Metcalfe-Gibson) - Ravenstonedale - 2011

Reply to Eddy wilson - Workington - 2010

Hi Eddy, I may be able to help out with some of the people in the picture.


Back row, standing on left:- Doris Morphet (dinner lady). I do not know boy standing immediately next to Doris, but next to him second from left is Edwin Winder, next to him Geoffrey (Jeffrey?)Richardson.  I don't know the next 2 girls but the third girl along is Angela Law and next to her Eileen Winder (Greenside), the girl next to her is perhaps your sister and then Mrs Dent, head teacher.
Front row-crossed legged

Second row down. Boy next to standing boy, I do not know.  Next to him is Maureen Richardson and next to her (taller girl) is Brenda Greenhow (I think).  Next girl I don't know but next to her is Christine Dent (with fringe).  Do not know boy standing next to her.

Third Row (Seated)  First on left:- Sandra Lancaster, next to her Linda Greenhow.  I do not know the next three children but Anne Richardson is seated at the end of the row.

Front row(crossed leg) First on left Martin Dent.  I do not know the girl in the middle.
I hope this helps a bit.  Mrs Dent came to teach at R'dale in the summer of 1955.  I was only there with her for one term.  I will show the photo around to some others who may know when I get the opportunity.

Mrs Dent died in October of last year (2010) aged either 93 or 94.

I am sorry to hear of the death of your sister and I hope this is of some help.