Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Martin Natland, California - 24 January, 2003


Preston's born at Bowderdale

My great grandfather, Robert Preston, was born at Bowderdale (head) in 1829, left at an early age to be a slate murchant in Sunderland. He then became a contractor, glass manufacturer, mayor of Sunderland and then immagrated to the USA in 1889. He had 9 children and took 5 of them with him after his wife died in Sunderland. One of his daughters is my grandmother. Robert bought a bank in Salida, Colorado, and also invested in minning. He seemed to have a colorful life but my mother can not remember much about him so I am trying to write his life history for her. We are also trying to find out how long Prestons were at Bowderdale. I have it back to Anthony Preston 1756. Is there a way to find the chronological occupation of Bowderdale back to the begining.

Anthony Preston b. 1756, Farmer of Bowderdale, m. Elizabeth or Isabella

(his progeny born at Bowderdale)

Thomas Preston b. 1785, m. Ester Milner
John Preston b. 1786, slate merchant, Sunderland
William Preston b. 1789, slate merchant, Sunderland
Leonard Preston b. 1790, died at 6 yrs
Anthony Preston b. 1792, immigrated to America 1817
Ann Preston b. 1795, lived in Sunderland

Thomas Preston b. 1785, Farmer of Bowderdale

(his progeny born at Bowderdale)

Anthony Preston b. 1822, m. Mary Trees, farmer at Bowderdale, died at 33
Ralph Preston b. 1823, m. Susan Morphet
John Preston b. 1824, slate merchant, Sunderland, died at Bowderdale
William Preston b. 1826, farmer of Kirkby-Stephen
Thomas Preston b. 1827, farmer of Orton
Robert Preston b. 1829, slate merchant, mayor of Sunderland, USA l889
Septimus Preston b./d. 1831
Isabella Preston b. 1833
Edward Preston b./d. 1835
Henry Preston b. 1838, died at 11
Holme Preston b. 1842, died at 13

Ralph Preston b. 1823, Farmer at Bowderdale

(his progeny born at Bowderdale)

Walter Preston b. ~1859, m. Elizabeth Sanderson
Ann Preston, unmarried
Thomas Preston b. 1875, farmer of Kendal
Emma Preston

Walter Preston b. ~1859, framer of Bowderdale

(his progeny born at Bowderdale)

William Preston b. 1898, m. Agnes Harper, cattle auctioner Hawes
Daughter ?