Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Susan Rogers - Spain - 2011

sandtrogers [@] gmail.com

Since I last wrote to you (here) I have found some added information.

I was intrigued that there were two mentions of an Anthony Metcalfe in the births for 1843. My cousin sent me a copy of our Anthony born on 28th July 1843 parents Jonathan and Sarah in the parish of Orton and who married Elizabeth Hodgson.

I sent for the birth certificate of the second Anthony and he was born on 15th December 1843 to Anthony and Isabella nee Turner in Stainmore, Kirby Stephen. So there were two Anthony's and this has confused us. We now have to find out who he married. If it was an Elizabeth then they both married a lady of the same name. On the 1881 census our Anthony was with his wife and children and the second Anthony could have been the one listed in 1881 and 1891 census in an asylum.But there is  an Anthony and Elizabeth listed in an asylum in 1891 and we cannot find any mention of the whereabouts  of our relatives if they were not in the asylum? The children were in Haworth then.

So we are still confused as on the 1901 census Elizabeth and some of the children were in Nelson, Lancs and Elizabeth a widow.
We still cant find when this Anthony died.

Families are very confusing!!

Susan Rogers