Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Peggy Skelton - January, 2003

The Fothergills

The Fothergills came to England with William the Conqueror. The head of the family at that time was one of William's generals, who took and sacked York. For his services he received the dale of Ravenstonedale near Kirkby Stephen.

Tarn House is reported to be the ancient home of the family and all the Fothergills probably originate from there. In 1541 there were 12 Fothergills who owned land in the parish and besides Tarn House the other locations of the family anciently were at Brownber Hall and Lockholme Hall. The Tarn House branch died out in the late 17th or the 18th century but the property was repurchased in 1884 by a Mr Fothergill of Brownber.

The family spread down the dales and into Yorkshire. Recorded locations include Nately, Lowbridge, Dubbs, Barugh, Dufton and Morland (near Appleby).

The Fothergills of Lockholme

Sir William. Lived at Lockholme c1555. He was standard bearer to Henry VIII at the battle of Solway Moss.