Ravenstonedale Kirkby Stephen Cumbria

From Eddy wilson - Workington - 2011

eddy.wilson [@] live.co.uk

We must have arrived in Ravenstonedale around 1959.

My sister Helen born 1949 was in her last year of junior school education, brother Andy was born in 1960 and we left and  moved
to Workington in about 1962.

I am pretty sure that the picture is from around 1960. I was born in 1954 and from the picture I will have been in the infants, must only be a cute 5-6 years old. Ho ho Ho.

When we arrived at Ravenstonedale Mrs Dent was the only teacher in the school before another teacher arrived.

Quite good fun when an old photo appears and you start racking the brain to work it all out who is who and the date it was taken.